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Fencing Company

Fencing Company

Anchor Fence Inc. is the fencing company to call for quality fencing installations. As a trusted provider of fencing solutions, we have the experience and expertise to give your property the protection it needs. Whether you need a fence for security, privacy, or decorative purposes, we have a solution for you!

Contact us today at (313) 937-0101 to schedule an appointment and get a free quote for your fencing project.

See Why We’re the Leading Fencing Company

Types of Fences We Offer

At Anchor Fence Inc., we offer various fencing options to suit your needs. Our team can advise you on which type of fence would be the best for your property based on its purpose, location, and budget.

Some of our most popular types of fences include:

  • Wood fences: Classic and versatile wood fences are popular for homeowners looking for privacy or a decorative touch to their property.
  • Vinyl fences: Durable and low-maintenance vinyl fences are a great option for those looking for a long-lasting solution.
  • Aluminum fences: If you want the look of wrought iron without the high cost and maintenance, aluminum fences are a great alternative.
  • Chain link fences: Ideal for security purposes, chain link fences are an affordable option that can also be used for enclosing a pool or a garden.

Our Fence Installation Process

To outfit your property with a new fence, our team takes a thorough and efficient approach to ensure quality results. We start with an initial consultation to discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. From there, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote and timeline for the project.

Once approved, our team will begin the installation process, which includes:

  1. Preparing the site: We’ll clear any obstacles or debris from where the fence will be installed.
  2. Setting posts: Using precise measurements, we’ll set the posts in place to ensure a sturdy foundation for your fence.
  3. Installing panels: Depending on the type of fence chosen, our team will install individual pickets or larger panels to complete the fence.
  4. Adding finishing touches: To give your new fence a polished look, we will add any necessary hardware and make sure everything is level and secure.
  5. Final inspection: Before we consider the project complete, our team will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything meets our high standards and your satisfaction.

Affordable Fencing Services That Secure Your Space

Quality fencing is an investment in your property's security, privacy, and overall value. We offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options to make our fencing services affordable for all our customers.

To get an idea of the cost for your specific project, we can provide a free quote that outlines the details and estimated cost of materials and labor. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your budget without compromising quality.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Fencing Project Today

Ready to add a new fence to your property? Contact Anchor Fence Inc. today at (313) 937-0101 to schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate for your project!