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Why should I go with a fence company that has a physical location?

Fence companies with no physical office building are typically a crew, or crews, working out of the company owner’s house or storage unit. This type of company has only been in business for a short period of time and lacks proper experience as well as reputation. Additionally, any warranty they provide in only as useful as long as they stay in business. If they do not have a physical office building, then they are likely not an established and reputable company.

Anchor Fence Inc. has over 120 years of experience and has been in business since 1892. Anchor Fence Inc. also has liability insurance and workman’s compensation, which this type of small business typically does not have.

How deep do you set fence posts?

Anchor Fence Inc. cements posts according to city/county or building codes. Typically in 42″ deep concrete footings for a strong durable hold!

Who takes care of getting permits and calling Miss Dig?

Anchor Fence Inc. can take care of these tasks for you or you have the option to handle them yourself. However, you should never pull the permit yourself because then you will be responsible for any damages or incidents that occur during that project such as calling for your own post hole inspection or final inspection. These are typically the practices of non-reputable contractors. Anchor Fence does pull permits for your cities but the customer must submit ALL necessary paperwork that your city requires if not done so, the job could prolong. Anchor Fence calls Miss Dig when the job is getting ready to begin as they stake your yards underground utility lines as we cannot see what is underground. It is wise to contact your local building department and ask what their preference is.

How can I find the lot line?

You can reference your mortgage survey, plot/site plan, contact your realtor, or have a stake survey done by a registered surveyor. Your local building department may have a copy of your site plan as well. Some cities allow us to draw our own example survey for you, however there will be an extra fee for this process. Anchor Fence does NOT establish property lines and are NOT responsible for where the location of fence is going shown by customer.

Can I paint my wood fence?

You should only use sealants and stains on your wood fence as you should wait until it seasons(dry out). Generally most brands are ok to use. You should never paint a wood fence. The paint will peel or chip and become an eyesore.

What are the code restrictions for pool fencing?

Anchor fence meets code(s) for all products we install. The majority of cities require an aluminum fence that is in compliance with BOCA code(s). Make sure you use a licensed professional to prevent from incurring the cost of code violations. All gates for pool fences must have a pool safety latches for the safety for residential and commercial owners as it is a liability of an open pool.

How fast can my fence get installed from Anchor Fence Inc.?

Depending on the type of fence you would like and submitting all necessary paperwork to apply for your permit right away, as well as time of the season; most installations can be complete within six to eight weeks, weather pending!

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, waiting times for installation have significantly increased and are constantly changing. A representative will contact you with any updates regarding your fence installation.

What kind of fence should I get to keep my dog in the yard?

We have many options to suite your particular dog and your particular needs. A 6ft privacy fence would be the best option to ensure your pets’ safety and security. If you have a little dog or a dog that will not be inclined to jumping; a chain link fence should suit your needs and provide for a cost efficient fence. A padlock can be added to ANY gate to ensure that your pet will not get out and keeping the outside of the fence/gate from getting in!

Is there a warranty on my new fence from Anchor Fence?

At Anchor Fence Inc., we have a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for vinyl fence material.

(excluding vinyl coated chain link), a Limited Lifetime warranty on all steel and aluminum fencing material. All other would fall under specific manufacturers warranty. All residential and commercial fence installations come with a two (2) year workmanship warranty.

Which fence requires the least amount of maintenance?

A vinyl fence will be the best selection, but also steel and aluminum are maintenance free. They will keep their beauty for years with virtually NO maintenance. A chain link or chain link vinyl coated fence will also require little or no maintenance. SimTek are also a wonderful and maintenance free fence solution.