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Safeguard your commercial or residential property and get a fencing system tailored to your choices with a company that prioritizes your project. Anchor Fence Inc.'s fence installers go above and beyond to facilitate the construction of sturdy, aesthetically pleasing fencing systems that add significant value to your property.

Whether you want to protect company assets with a security enclosure or create a private backyard oasis, we're the installation specialists you can trust to complete our work to the highest standards. Call (313) 937-0101 to learn more about fence material options, installation processes, and all the considerations that go into our transparent estimates.

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What Are the Advantages of Installing a Fence?

Installing a fence offers many advantages, including setting your property apart, increasing curb appeal, and adding significant market value. You can customize your fence to protect children and pets, add privacy, or define property boundaries.

How Long Does Fence Installation Take?

The duration of your fence installation project will vary depending on your choice of materials, the size of the enclosed area, the length and height of your chosen barrier, and the terrain and soil conditions present. We'll also need time to help you apply for any required permits, which can take a few days to a few weeks to process. Our contractor will give you an accurate timeline estimate for a specific project during your initial consultation.

Anchor Fence Inc.'s Fencing Contractor Services

Our fencing contractor services help you add significant curb appeal to your property. We've thought of everything to bring you cost-effective fencing installations that withstand the elements.

Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Vinyl fence installation
  • Metal fence installation
  • SimTek fence installation
  • CertaGrain fence installation
  • Chain link fence installation
  • Fence gate installation
  • Cage and enclosure installation
  • Pet fence installation
  • Privacy fence installation

How Do You Choose the Best Fencing Solutions for Commercial and Residential Properties?

Meet with one of our team members to learn more about the elements you should consider when choosing the ideal fencing option for your home or commercial property. We help you consider cost, expected product lifespan, aesthetic appeal, installation, permitting requirements, and best maintenance practices.

We'll walk you through our selection of the industry's most reliable fencing materials. Then, guide you through designing and installing a fencing system that's beautifully integrated with the rest of your property's style.

Do You Need a Permit to Put Up a Fence at Home?

The City of Westland requires permits for various residential construction projects, including fences. This permit ensures your new barrier complies with local codes and regulations. In residential settings, rear yard fences can be up to six feet high and must be entirely on your property (with the good side out) unless you have written permission from your neighbors.

Side yard fences can be a maximum of four and a half feet high and extend to the front line of your home if there's a side door or your property is a corner lot. Front yard fence designs are limited to split rail or ranch-type fences with no more than two rails.

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Anchor Fence Inc. facilitates code-compliant fencing installations in Westland. We're a leader among local fencing companies because we live up to our promise of delivering high-quality and fully customizable barriers tailored to your choices.

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