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Is an unsightly or dilapidated fence diminishing your property’s security and curb appeal? Are you concerned about privacy, safety, or protecting your family, assets, or employees? We understand the critical role a functioning fence plays in the arrangement of your space.

You need a fence that looks great but also functions flawlessly. At Anchor Fence Inc., We design fences that are as beautiful as they are secure and private. With our fencing solutions, you gain the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with both.

Build a boundary around your property and protect what’s inside. Call (313) 937-0101 to reach Novi’s trusted fencing experts.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a New Fence?

Investing in a new fence for your property—whether your existing one is falling apart or you’re building from the ground up—provides many advantages not limited to physical boundaries.

Here are some key benefits to consider:

  • Increased privacy and security for your home or business
  • Clearly defined property lines to prevent trespassing
  • Enhanced curb appeal and potential boost in property value
  • Safe containment for children or pets
  • Protection from noise, wind, and unwanted exposure
  • Opportunity to complement your existing layout

Anchor Fence Inc.’s Experienced Fencing Contractors

The risks of a poor-quality fence installation include weak structure or boundary, misalignment with your property line, and violation of regulations and codes. Our experienced contractors help you avoid these complications.

Here’s how:

  • Extensive training and hands-on experience working with fencing materials and techniques
  • Commitment to adhering to best practices and safety standards
  • Excellent communication skills to understand your goals and preferences
  • Professionalism and respect for your property and time
  • Proven track record of successful projects and satisfied customers

How Long Does a Fence Installation Take?

The duration of your fencing project depends on critical factors like the size of your property and the linear footage required for fencing. Larger perimeters are likely to take longer. The type of material (vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc.) can also impact installation speed.

Terrain conditions, like sloped or rocky ground, can slow progress or require specialized tools to work around. Additions like custom gate designs or the need to remove an existing fence will typically extend your project’s timeline.

How Do You Find Your Property Line?

Before you install a fence, it’s important to know where your property line is. The best way to determine its exact location is to consult a land surveyor. They will review your deed and plat maps and conduct a thorough on-site survey to mark the line.

Failing to follow the guide of your property line can lead to disputes with your neighbor and potential legal issues. With a precise line marked, your fence will respect your property limits and avoid encroachments.

Explore Fencing Options With Novi’s Trusted Fencing Company

Whether you need a fence for a new property you’re building, your existing fence is falling apart, or it just isn’t suitable for your property anymore, the experts at Anchor Fence Inc. will work with you to select an appropriate material, design, and layout.

Do you need help selecting a fence style or type? Our experts will guide you. Call (313) 937-0101 when you’re ready to start your project.