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If you’ve ever had a pet escape or a nosy neighbor peering into your yard, you understand the value of security and privacy in your outdoor space. At Anchor Fence Inc., we craft fencing solutions that allow you to relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors in Northville without fear of prying eyes or your pet slipping under the gate.

Aside from serving a practical function, a fence contributes to the aesthetic of your yard. From traditional pickets to wood-aluminum hybrids, a well-crafted and installed fence can become an essential design component. Everyone has a unique vision—we’re a fencing company that takes the time to listen to yours.

We’ll walk you through our gallery of fencing materials and layouts to find a perfect match. Call (313) 937-0101.

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How Do You Prepare for a Fence Installation?

Before any fence installation can begin, it’s important to assess your property thoroughly, take precise measurements, and identify potential obstacles or challenges. We then develop a customized plan tailored to your requirements, selecting the most suitable materials and techniques.

Checklist items include:

  • Confirming and marking property lines
  • Contacting utility companies to have underground lines and pipes located and marked
  • Removing any existing old fencing
  • Relocating or covering items like furniture or planters
  • Noting and planning for any significant slopes or grades
  • Alerting neighbors about the upcoming fence project
  • Performing any necessary grading or terrain adjustments

Anchor Fence Inc.: Licensed and Insured Fencing Contractor

Partnering with a licensed and insured fencing contractor provides peace of mind and protection throughout your project.

Choosing us as a reputable, credentialed company, you can expect:

  • Work performed in compliance with local codes and regulations
  • Liability coverage
  • Warranty protection on materials and workmanship
  • Adherence to industry best practices and safety standards
  • Ability to verify company credentials, licensing, and insurance details

What’s Included in Our Free Fencing Quote?

When you request a free fencing quote, expect a detailed proposal outlining all aspects of your project. Our quote serves as a tool to help you understand the scope of work, costs, and what’s included in your proposed fence installation.

Your free fencing quote includes:

  • Itemized breakdown of materials, labor, and any additional costs
  • Specifications of proposed fencing materials, styles, and dimensions
  • Estimated timeline and project schedule
  • Details of on-site preparation, installation process, and cleanup
  • Information on warranties and company credentials
  • Options for customization, upgrades, or additional services

What Can You Expect During a Fencing Consultation?

Our consultations aim to outline your fencing goals and explore the possibilities for your project.

During a consultation, we’ll discuss:

  • Your unique vision, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences
  • Your property’s layout, terrain, and existing features
  • Privacy, security, and safety considerations
  • Fencing materials, styles, and design options
  • Optimal fence placement and orientation
  • Questions and concerns you may have

Transform Your Outdoor Space With a Reliable Fencing Professional

Call (313) 937-0101 to schedule a fencing consultation with the experts at Anchor Fence Inc.. During this session, we’ll discuss your preferences and functional needs to craft a tailored fencing solution for your Northville home or business.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns—if you need design inspiration, we have plenty of examples of our work to show you.