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Picture this: no more nervous glances for escaped pets or children, no more noisy neighbors interrupting your weekend barbeque, and no more leaning fences and insecure boundaries. At Anchor Fence Inc., we turn this picture into a reality.

Explore our wide range of fence styles and materials with our expert installation services. Living with a boundary that doesn’t protect your property or make you feel safe inside calls for an upgrade. We’ll help you design a space that creates a sense of calm and security.

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Can You Install a Fence on Uneven Terrain or Slopes?

Installing a fence on uneven terrain or sloped areas can present unique challenges, but it’s possible with the right approach and expertise. While flat, level ground may be ideal, our fencing installers have the skills to navigate various topographical conditions.

Strategies like stepped fencing, raked panels, and custom post heights can be employed to follow the contours of your land. Proper grading, retaining walls, or terracing may be necessary to create a stable foundation for your fence installation.

Anchor Fence Inc.: Your Local Fencing Company

A durable and attractive fencing system, customized to your preferences, is ideal for keeping your property safe and secure.

Here’s why working with a local fencing company is best:

  • Deep knowledge of local building codes, regulations, and permit requirements
  • Familiarity with soil conditions and terrain challenges
  • Ability to source from local suppliers
  • Established relationships within the community
  • Convenient accessibility for consultations, installations, and follow-up support

Does Your Neighbor Have to Help Pay for a New Fence?

In Farmington, the regulations surrounding shared fence costs between neighbors are clearly outlined. When the fence being installed or replaced lies directly on your property line, it’s considered a “boundary fence,” and property owners must equally share the cost.

However, if the fence is installed entirely on your property boundaries, you’re solely responsible for the cost. In other words, your neighbor is not obligated to contribute financially to the project unless the fence serves as a legal boundary and mutually benefits both properties.

It’s best to discuss your fencing project with your neighbor openly.

Here are some tips for approaching the subject:

  • Clearly explain the purpose of your project
  • Discuss the potential for shared costs (if applicable)
  • Address their concerns and preferences
  • Reach a consensus on design, height, schedule, and materials
  • Maintain open communication

Do Fences Reduce Noise Pollution?

Depending on the types of materials used and your chosen fence design, it can act as a physical barrier that absorbs, deflects, or blocks a significant amount of unwanted noise from sources like busy streets, construction sites, or noisy neighbors.

Solid fences made of wood or vinyl are particularly suitable for reducing noise levels, while strategically placed landscaping features can further enhance the noise-reducing capabilities of your fence. In this instance, chain link fencing wouldn’t be a suitable choice.

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Whether you have a clear vision for securing your Farmington property or need guidance exploring fence design possibilities, we’re here to help. Connect with the Anchor Fence Inc. team and explore a wealth of ideas and innovative solutions.

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